I'm OBSESSED with Computer Graphics.

I feel compelled to drive art and technology to infinite 3D environments.

I've worked on incredible projects like Star Wars Episode 7 for Disney Infinity, The Peanuts Movie, Narcos, The Walking Dead, and 20+ TV shows, movies, and tons of other high end productions.

I'm proficient in Houdini, 3DS Max, Maya, Substance Painter, Mari, Zbrush, Adobe Suite, and I never hesitate to hack my way through any new program.

Learning is life. I swear to never stop learning, failing, learning, and serving purpose greater than myself.

Graduated with BFA in Computer Animation where Design & Computer Science​ collide at Brigham Young University.

I was once in The New York Times Magazine for my obsession with materials and surfacing. I helped create 4 Emmy and Oscar winning animated shorts though I can hardly take credit for the outstanding work and outstanding people I got to work with.

Love is the only connection that matters, so let's create projects that we love.


Created using real time software and VR software, Quill, Gravity Sketch, and Tilt Brush. Project worked on by artists, Melina Rudianto, Miles Irwin, Jorge Gonzalez, and Cube of Enlightenment by Gomesh Karnchanapayap licensed under CC BY 2.0.